Purpose Workplace Training Program

    Purpose Staff Training Program - This is a 4-week Inspiring workplace training program that will equip your employees with basic workplace skills and practices along with building confidence and to clarify into your companys vision and mission.  Our aim is to look after your business by looking after the people who are helping you to achieve business success and without the right team working beside you its going to be difficult to achieve the level of success you desire. We know because we have been there! Wrong unmotivated, uninspired staff with no vision and direction will bring every passion and desire for your company down. So lets change all that and start by re-assesing your dreams, your vision, your mission and then lets look at your staff and work with them so that we are all wanting the same desires within the company.

    Purpose Workplace Training Program categories are:

    • Introduction & The Purpose of Why We Work
    • Career Guidance Exploring Career Paths
    • Purpose, Vision & Direction – excellent confidence-boosting class
    • Ethical Practices & Character in the workplace
    • Communication Skills
    • Developing the plan
    • Activating the plan 

    Lets get you started today back on track with the right team who are passionate in supporting your business.

    Contact Natasha for a coffee and chat to discuss your dreams, your vision and heart for your business.

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