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    Maybe you have decided now is the time, I’m ready to get working! But its been some time or perhaps you just don’t know where to begin with starting your own business. Maybe your changing industries, what ever the reason now is the time that you are ready to work! Here are some encouraging basic tips that you can begin with to help you on your way, now these are my tips and suggestions over my 30 plus years working! Of course, many of these ideas may be out there already but like I said these are some things that I have done that may help you get started as they helped me:

    The first thing that I suggest when you wake up every morning is to get your brain clicked on and INSPIRED! Understand that each day will bring its own set of challenges so prepare your mind from the start.

    Spend what time you can spare just on yourself, for me I like a good hour in the morning to read and feel inspired with fresh revelation for the day. Nothing brings me more inspiration than new revelation and ideas. You might find your time putting on your favorite motivational speaker or maybe just chilling out with your pet!

    1. Start the day clear and ready.

    Get yourself dressed and ready to begin your day that’s wearing appropriate clothing that will suit the industry that you are looking to have your career in. This is pretty important because you can really ‘feel the part’ and bring a real sense that yes this is the direction I am going, and I am prepared and ready. Besides as you step out the door and begin your day you never know who you may meet wearing the clothing that gives off a description of where you intend to work! This is also a good way that doors can open for you.

    1. Dress to Impress matching the career of your choice.

    Now no matter where you are after you are dressed and ready sit down and start to prepare yourself and map out a direction of where you are heading. It’s been said by someone ‘that any road will lead you anywhere’. But you don’t just want to go anywhere, you are heading somewhere, and you need to determine that direction.

    Research industries you are either keen to work in or start a business in and find out everything you will need to either start it or be employed in it. You may need to do courses to get into the career of your choice or maybe look up recruitment agencies, or research how to start that business. It is a good suggestion to volunteer in any industry you are keen to work in. This way you will gain more understanding about that industry and learn if it will be something that you want to work in.

    1. Write out a map and plan

    Be committed to the vision and the mission of your chosen career path. So, its up to you each day to set your mind on where you want to go. Others can help you get there but first you must make all the efforts yourself each day to make the necessary steps to get to where you want to go. Forward plan your week and make a diary of the weeks work ahead. Commitment is everything little steps each day go a long way. You can’t go any faster believe me I tried! Its far better for you to take it slow anyway because what’s up ahead you are not prepared for yet!

    1. Commit to the vision and the mission & forward plan

    Don’t be so hard on yourself when things come up and you didn’t achieve what you set out to do. Understand that life is a journey thing’s will come up we are in a World full of problems and what ever industry you are wanting to get involved in it will mean you are problem solving! Business to me resembles the career of a professional boxer. They must take the punches, there is no other way to win and be successful as a boxer, they entered the ring so they better be ready to fight!. Like wise in business you must manage your punches well (problems) and learn how to manage them and overcome them. Learn to be friends with problems because you will be hanging out with them the most! If you learn to be a problem solver in your industry of choice then you will be a very wanted person and never short of work!

    1. Life is a journey, enjoy it and the challenges, don’t be hard on yourself

    And finally try to enjoy yourself even in the mist of challenges, it is scary starting out and making that decision so look for a support network. Look to friends, groups, coaches, volunteer programs and community centers to get the support you need. We all need someone who is cheering for us when we are marching along, and if you ever need a little encouragement and nobody’s around send me an email, and I’ll be happy to cheer for you???? Written by: Natasha Trezebiatowski copyright.

    “What we fear most, is usually what we most need to do” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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