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    Endorsement For the Job Seeker

    Purpose Recruitment Employment Program - This is a 4-week employment ready program that will equip people seeking a career with basic workplace skills and practices along with building confidence and to clarify a purposeful career path that is right for you.  We are able to verify you to potential employers through our program so that we can endorse you to companies who have employment opportunities, which will increase your chances of securing employment. 

    Our assistance will help you to pursue a meaningful career path and through our networks, we can promote you in finding employment and accredited courses.

    On completion of the 4-week training program, we will congratulate you with an Endorsement Certificate. This will go towards potential employers as a reference and verify to companies that you are a skilled, trustworthy and a reliable worker who is passionate to work towards a successful future in the industry you have applied for.

    Purpose Recruitment Program categories are:

    • Introduction & The Purpose of Why We Work
    • Career Guidance Exploring Career Paths
    • Purpose, Vision & Direction – excellent confidence-boosting class
    • Ethical Practices & Character in the workplace
    • Communication Skills
    • Resume & Cover Notes
    • Developing the plan
    • Activating the plan & Certificate of Endorsement

    Purpose Recruitment Program Times:  Twice a week 10 am till 1 pm in school terms only, we do not operate on school holidays or public holidays. This is a 4-week program that runs twice a term. Current location is Wallan and we do have more suburbs coming up and we can help you with an online endorsement program. We are able to assist you with our program online if you are unable to attend our class in person. Every reference counts so contact us today to find out more.

    Entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business we can organize classes to suit each individual to help you with support and guidance to begin and launch your business. We have a network of accredited and qualified business people who are ready to help you and can assist with business loans and business insurance. Start your business today, contact us.

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